Friday, March 4, 2011


Look out world, K has found his calling!  A friend from church mentioned she was driving the tractor this week and my ears perked up.  Really?  I'm thinking field trip for the boys.  She was all for it so I loaded the boys up and off we went to their family farm.

Her tractor was huge!  I'm talking fancy stuff.  She didn't even really drive.  It drove itself!  Seriously!!!  She did have to do the turns but other than that she just sat while the satellite kept it going straight down the row.  Well, it would have if my boys hadn't kept turning the wheel to help drive.  :)  This may turn out to be our new favorite outing.  Planting season is around the corner so lots of tractor work is going on in the fields.  If you see a little blonde boy driving watch out!

He is always serious when it comes to driving.

Since this was a closed cab C even liked it after awhile.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

S.O.S. Mornings

Mornings have not been going so well this week.  Yesterday, I woke up with my DD standing by the bed telling me she was having a bad dream.  When I opened my eyes my room was brighter than it should be when we get up for school.  I quickly looked at the clock to see that it was 7:40.  No way she'd be there at 8:00.  Guess who forgot to turn the alarm on?!?!  We made it by 8:20 but I felt bad that her first tardy was completely my fault.
Fast forward to this morning's big crisis...


I meant to go to the store yesterday but instead took the van in to get an oil change.  So this morning I will be enjoying another of my favorites...
I can usually find this at Sam's in the winter.  I love the smell of Chai tea and it is so yummy!  So, until I make it to the store this will be my morning drink.  Cheers!