Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life with K...

I must say that life is never dull with K around!  He can be the sweetest child or make you want to scream.  It is fun to watch him play though.  Items become more than what they were actually made to be.  Potty chairs become tunnels, toy boxes are now stairs and his latest invention...

The waistband was pushing the skin around his eyes forward making him look really tough and riled up.  It was such a hilarious site to see him come riding down the hall on his car sporting this.  It's moments like these that help me get through the exasperating times.


  1. What a scream! Especially with E looking all P&S in the background.

  2. He looks like a little biker-in-the-making. Maybe Santa can bring him his first Harley?

  3. I printed out this photo and now have it proudly displayed on my desk.

    Aunt Leah

  4. Your writing style is very much like another blogger I love to read!

    Thank you so much for hopping by my blog during "The Little Hop of Horrors" Halloween Blog Hop this weekend. Very much appreciated!