Thursday, April 15, 2010


Parties are a big production to E. It is not a real party if you don't have balloons, streamers, cake and games. Also, your attire must be fancy. This is the outfit she put together for Leslie's party. It was cold so she had to wear something underneath her mermaid outfit. (Leslie's favorite princess is Ariel so E picked this just for her.)

For P's birthday she wanted me to wear my wedding dress and P to wear his wedding suit. I told her I probably wouldn't get that fancy but she could wear whatever she wanted. Lucky for her a new dress arrived that day from dear Leslie and also a package from Grammie that had gloves, a necklace and a bracelet in it. She disappeared to her room for a bit then reappeared ready for the party. She said her tiaras didn't match so she chose the pink floral scarf and finished the outfit with her high heels.

Her next quest is a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes. Yes, I agree they are beautiful shoes but the price tag is not so pretty!


  1. OH MY GOSH - That pose is killing me! I think I have finally met my match in girly-ness!

  2. It's such a pain when your tiaras don't match your outfit.