Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Smell of Money

E's class had a field trip to the dairy today.  Since P's job is in the dairy industry he made it a work trip and joined us for the outing.  The dairy we visited has around 12000 cows!  They milk about 4000 each day 3 times a day.  You might wonder how that would even seem possible.  Well, the cows are treated to a ride on the "carousel" while they are being milked. (Yes, I have pictures of that too.)  It is quite a production.  We toured the maternity ward too while there.  That turned out to be a VERY educational and vivid experience!  We helped welcome a new calf into the world. 

Thankfully the mother cow had no problems delivering but we were there for all the after birth experience as well while we waited for each of the kiddos to take turns feeding the other day old calves.  E chose stay near me and C.  K went in with P and got to pet some of the calves and help hold the bottle.  I think Mrs. S got pictures of all that. 
It was a VERY, VERY blustery day.  The hay ride that took the kids around was blowing hay everywhere!  If you remember the story of E and the wind you will realize this was not a good situation.  She was loaded on the trailer with her classmates but before they could leave she was in tears not wanting to go.  She has been on many hayrides and loved them all.  But that was before the wind trauma. Luckily we were able to ride in the SUV and still see the entire dairy.  If you want to know E's take of the place, and this is one of the cleaner dairies, just look at the picture...


  1. Oh, Ellaina, I'd be doing the exact same thing. (Where's your tiara?)
    -Cousin Gwen

  2. I guess a dairy isn't quilt the same as a princess castle.