Friday, July 30, 2010

4th of July

We had a jam packed 4th of July this year since it was on a Sunday.  We made it home from church, got everyone fed and down for naps.  Early that evening was the church picnic.  They go all out.  They have lots of inflatable games set up for the kids, giveaways, plenty of free food and homemade ice cream.  There is also entertainment which was taken over by the storm that blew in.  It was impressive!  Plates of food went flying everywhere.  I grabbed the boys but E was on the otherside of the table with the biggest scared eyes I've ever seen.  Thankfully P was able to scoop her up and keep her calm.  Everyone huddled the best they could trying to wait out the storm.  Storms around here pop up quickly but also move on so we were able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Here's the fam all decked out in their patriotic attire...
After the picnic we left and went to some friends' house to do some fireworks of our own.  K LOVED getting in on the action.  He kept slowly slinking back out to the blast zone to help the "big boys" work.  E prefers to sit on the sideline and cheer.  Poor C just wanted to go to bed!  He did great and slept well that night.

Speaking of sleep, that is also the night that K transitioned from the crib to his youth bed!  He had been climbing out of the crib and we were concerned that one of those times he might actually get hurt.  So we decided that since we'd be up late on the 4th that would be a great night to switch beds.  By the time we got home he was so tired he went right to sleep!  He has done well with it ever since.  He does get up to open his door after we tuck him in but then usually goes back to bed.  Sometimes he has to pick up an extra toy to sleep with but we don't mind as long as he sleeps.

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