Friday, July 30, 2010

Big, BIG news...

We have big HUGE news to announce.  No, I'm NOT pregnant.  But we are making another change in the family.  P will be leaving.  He is headed out for training on a new job.  We decided that this was not the lifestyle we wanted for our family.  His work schedule has been very demanding and he has not been able to be as involved in the family as we'd like.  So... we're moving AGAIN.  At the moment we don't know where but will take anything if it means more time as a family.  We'd like to stay close to extended family but we'll see what is available once he finishes his training.  The kids and I will stay put and carry on as usual.  Hopefully we'll all be together at our new location by Thanksgiving.  If not, then Christmas will be our reunion. 
Who could resist this face?


  1. I'm so glad P has found something else! Please e-mail the the details if you have any. I can't wait to find out where you will end up.

    Thanks for all the great updates. The kids all look happy and healthy. I really need to get my hands on C as i have never seen him in person. He looks like a lot of fun :)


  2. Sarah, send me your email. All my contact info is on the broken pc.

  3. Man, you scared me again! When I read "We are making another change in the family. P will be leaving", I thought, "WHA?!?! He's LEAVING?!?!?" But then I read on. Congrats on the new job, P!