Thursday, August 19, 2010

C's birthday

The last of our summer birthdays have been celebrated.  C turned ONE!  (Thanks Aunt Leah for the cute bib!)

He is into everything.  He can pretty well hold his own with the other two.  The other day he stole K's corn dog and ran!  He managed to get a bite before I got it from him.  He stood there chewing and smiling at K the whole time.  Then the little sneak tried it again.  He likes loves to eat.  It's not like he was hungry.  He had just finished his own dinner!  His check up is today.  I would bet he outweighs K already. 

C was quite a surprise addition to our family but I LOVE surprises.  He has been such a joy.  He signed his first word at dinner yesterday...MORE!  He did that over and over.  I guess I was too slow in between bites.  He is also cutting three teeth right now - possibly four or more.  That has made him a little irritable and not such a great sleeper but it'll pass.  I'm sad Mortin was recalled because now all we have is generic Tylenol to help ease the pain.  The teething tablets and gum stuff didn't seem to do anything but make him mad.  :)

Happy birthday C!  We love you!!!

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