Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday E!

Happy Birthday sweet E! 

We celebrated E's 5th birthday with friends and then again today with just family.  She wanted a luau with her friends.  That made it easy.  Pull out the water slide, order her favorite - pizza, make cupcakes. 

I know not all birthdays will be this easy to pull off but I'll enjoy it now while it's low key.  The big toy of the year was Barbies!  We went from none to 5 just like that!  She loved it.  She disappeared to her room for hours of play.  Hmmm...this might be a good thing for me too!  Her favorite by far is the one from Aunt Leah.  That one has been her dream for quite some time now.  I may never get her out of the tub now that she has the mermaid Barbie.


  1. Happy Birthday, E! (and thank you to A for the excellent bday recommendation).


    Aunt Leah

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable!