Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now That's a Cookie!

 While checking out some of my favorite blogs I ran across this intriguing cookie recipe.  I have never made a chocolate chip cookie before that you had to let the dough chill for 24 hours before baking so we had to test this one out.  It also called for both cake and bread flour.  We patiently waited for the 24 hours to pass so we could start eating baking the cookies.  The directions said to place 3.5 ounce dough balls on the baking sheet.  Hmmm.... that seems like a lot but we were following directions.  I pulled out my handy scale that p&s Leah gave me a couple of years ago.  (Thanks again, Leah.  LOVE IT.) 

My word these are monster size.  So much for portion control.  I don't know why my pants are getting tight.  I only eat one cookie a day.  ;)


  1. Soooo, how were they!? Worth the extra effort? I love cookies, if you say these are the bees knees they're moving to my short list of "must makes" :) Andrea

  2. Andrea, it was yummy! I'm not a very fair judge since I haven't met a cookie that I didn't like. My DD isn't much help either since her favorite cookie is the one in her mouth. ;)

  3. Your cookies look delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog. If you end up making a Fear Not Notebook, please share how it turns out and if it works for your daughter! I'd love to know!