Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

Time to play catch up here.  I haven't crafted much due to my stuff being packed!  I think I may need to unpack it or at least move the boxes to the front of the gargage so I can have access to my things!  No offers on the house and we haven't found anything in our new area yet either so we wait. And wait... and wait some more.  I think the lesson I'm supposed to learn here is WAIT.  :)

Anyway, I did manage to make a little gift for E's teachers at the beggining of the month.  I found these cute survival cans from Our Best Bites.   We filled each of them with their favorite snacks and then personlized each with a monogram letter.

Sure cute and super simple and the best part was all I needed was paper.  The kids gladly ate the fruit for me and the rest was so relaxing.  I love making things.  There is such satisfaction and joy in being able to send a smile to another.  The inspiration post had ribbon tied to the pull tabs but, yes - you guess it, mine is packed.  I even went to the store here to buy some but this little town doesn't have much in craft supplies.  I guess that is easier on the budget.

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