Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lil' Aggie

One of K's favorite things to do is listen to the Aggie War Hymn and march around the room. His vocabulary is limited but he does know how to let you know he wants his favorite song. He will point to the TV and say "ban" while doing his "march." If that doesn't work he will try to find his Aggie book and bring it to you pointing to the band. You can try to ignore this but it only gets louder as his attempts to see the band marching become more distressed. In the video you'll see he gets upset at certain parts. That is when everyone is swaying and he doesn't have a partner!


  1. That's just adorable. He actually has some rhythm!

  2. Kelman is so into it! His little hip-hop is really good for a less than 2 year old. Looks like fun at your, mom

  3. Hahahaha! He's not brainwashed or anything.