Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Who would have thought that the circus would come to our little town?  It may have not been a three-ring circus but anything is better than nothing!  Besides, it is a three-ring circus at our house everyday.

E's class even got to go in the morning to watch the elephants set the tent up.  It was quite chilly that morning.  After waiting for an hour they finally went back to school without getting to see the elephants work.  They did get to walk around and look at all the animals though.  Setting up the tent was a lot of work!  I'm glad I wasn't on the team that had to use the sledgehammer.  The guys worked 3 on a spike and had a really good rhythm alternating hits with each other.  It was impressive to see.  I can't imagine having to set up the tent for a one day event and then take it all down just to drive to the next town and do it again the next day!  How tiring that must be!

The kids even got to ride an elephant.

K chose not to ride the camel.

K's favorite was the train!

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