Friday, November 19, 2010

Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow

I took the two older kiddos to see Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow.  They had a blast!  K had to keep moving so he wouldn't fall asleep since we had missed naptime to get there and he refused to nap in the van.  His favorite part of the show was bouncing with Tigger.  E's favorite part - I know this will be hard to believe - was getting to hear Cinderella's beautiful voice.  E decided she needed to wear her Cinderella dress to the show.  Check out her shoes!  It was a fun outing.  C wasn't left out.  He had a fun playdate at a friend's house.  :)


  1. Y'all are staying very busy with lots of fun activities! I'm glad E was able to dress appropriately. As usual.

  2. Oh, E, you are such a girly girl! Love it.

  3. E has a whole lot of her cousin in her! I'm not suprised K enjoyed bouncing with Tigger. It is fun, fun, fun!