Saturday, November 20, 2010


Well, what a day!  Boy did I have a surprise when I got K up from his nap.  I had just changed his sheets that morning so of course a mess was sure to follow.  Little did I know how difficult to clean this mess would be.  In his room above his changing table was a shelf that had a basket of items I'd sometimes need with the baby.  After K kept climbing the table I moved it to the closet but the shelf remained and so did the basket of items.  Monkey K decided to climb his dresser and reach over to the shelf to retrieve the valuable basket of "goodies."  So evidently he enjoyed the beginning of his nap very well.  He opened the jar of vaseline and gave himself a new "do".  Have you ever tried getting vaseline out of hair?  Me either, and let me tell you - it is NOT easy.  I washed his hair three times with dish soap.  Not much help.  I covered his hair in cornstarch (google said to do it)  didn't help either. I skipped the idea of using whiskey since it said it'd burn...Maybe the whiskey was for the mom!  ;)

 I ran to the store and got Dawn dish soap and the ad is right... "Dawn takes grease out of your way!"  I ended up washing it 3 more times with Dawn just to get it squeaky clean.  He was not happy with all the hair washing but I didn't want everything in the house greasy.
Oh Kelman, I'm scared to see what you'll be into next...

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