Thursday, December 2, 2010

Magnetic Board

I FINALLY got to craft today!!!!  I only managed to make one of the teacher gifts so far but it is a start.  I still have two weeks to make the rest.  This one was a test to see how long it would take.  Unfortunately I broke my Round-it-all on its first time out of the package.  Glad it says Lifetime Warranty.  Hope the company will replace it.  Just a heads up.  It does NOT like to cut ribbon on projects.  The ribbon wedges itself in and jams it.  I know, I know.  You probably already knew that but the box said "round anything and everything" so I thought I was good to go.  Sad day when toys get broken - especially brand new ones!  Anyway, here is the first of the teacher gifts.  It is not my brilliant idea.  I saw these cute boards when browsing greenbean's crafterole's blog.  (She saw them from chic 'n scratch)  So cute and simple to make!  I had trouble finding the galvenized step flashing.  Chic 'n scratch said she found it at Lowe's already in the 5x7 size but ours only carried the roll.  Thankfully I was at my parents' house for the holidays so I used dad's handy cutter and decided to make mine a tad bigger - 6x8 - because I could.  :)
The teacher's daughter attends A&M
UPDATE:  Woo-Hoo!!!  The Round-it-all is fixed and in business again.  Amazing what a little brute strength and a butter knife can do.  ;)

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  1. Great project. I am looking forward to seeing more of what you create.