Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold Days

Brrrr..... we haven't been above freezing temps in days!  I have already thawed the pipes on the toilet once.  Thankfully they didn't burst.  That was with a heater in the bathroom but with these below 0 temps that didn't even keep it warm enough.  I have moved the heater closer to the pipe and that seems to be keeping it warm enough now. 
So to keep the rest of us warm I have been cooking.  My DD and I made Dill Wheat Bread.  It was fun to show her how to knead the dough by hand.  We even used a thermometer for part of the recipe!  (This photo is for you p&s Gwen!)
Notice the temp is already at 150.  It was only supposed to be between 120-130 but I was reading the celsius numbers.  My brain kicked in when it started boiling.  Oops!  After letting it cool to the correct temp we were able to finish the bread.

This poor bread didn't stand a chance.  It looked so pretty while rising until I dropped the pan.  It only fell a couple of inches back onto the counter but that was enough to knock the rise out of it.  The bread still tasted wonderful and the house smelled delicious!  DD thought it was "tastee."  It was the perfect side to our potato soup.  Mmmmm....

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  1. A Thermometer! I am so proud of you. Now you know what you have to do: make some candy! Because you need some dessert to go with all the yummy bread and soup.