Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Skating

While we were visiting DH we were able to take in some of the sites with the kiddos.  There were many things on the to do list that we did get done.  (Craft shopping not one of them...)  We did get to enjoy Chuck E Cheese's.  The kids think that is the best place ever!  We also spent lots of time at the mall playing in the playground, riding the carousel and of course ice skating.  I kept the 2 little ones occupied while E got to spend some fun ice skating time with her Daddy.  She loved it and wants to take lessons now.  If we end up moving there I guess we'll be looking into skate school.


  1. If she goes to skate school, you know you'll have to get her a pink, sparkly skating outfit, right?

  2. That looks fun! As long as someone is holding you up.