Friday, January 14, 2011

Crinkle Taggie Blanket

Hi, My name is Audra and I am not a seamstress.  There.  I have admitted it.  I love the thought of sewing and making things.  I see projects and think how fun it would be to try.  I see lots of projects... in my head.  Not many of them actually join the real world.
Over Christmas I thought I'd tackle one of those hidden ideas in the warmth and guidance of my sweet mom's sewing room.  I saw a tutorial on making crinkly taggie blankets and wanted to start whipping them out as gifts.  We did finally get one made.  Actually, my mom made one after my third attempt of having to rip the seams out yet again.  I think next time I'll pull up the tutorial and make sure I have the layers in the correct order first rather than try to make it from memory.  :)
Here is the final project. 

I am saving the wipes' bags still because I plan on making more.   Any other ideas on how to reuse those crinkly wipes bags?


  1. Wow!!! i love it and I think I might just try this for my baby nephew thanks for the link. Love it and hey this is how we learn right? :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment:) Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  2. Very cute project and nice job!!! OXOX ~Olga

  3. You would be able to sew really well if you could do it more often. So maybe in about 17 years you will have time!