Sunday, January 23, 2011

Craft Shopping Trip Postponed

This weekend was supposed to be my big shopping trip.  (I live in a little town where there is not even a Wal-Mart much less a HL or Michaels.)   I had been dreaming about all the craft stores.  I had my coupons printed and my gift cards packed.  I had been drooling over spending hours just looking around making my choices.  Only that didn't happen.  I got sick!  We made it to the "big" city only for me to come down with the stomach bug.  :(  Talk about disappointing...  So instead of checking out all the great craft stores in the area I took a nap in the hotel.
We are planning another trip next month so maybe the sales will be great!  I still have my gift cards and I'll be sure to print out the latest coupons and try again.


  1. I had that bug last week too and have not felt so sick in quite a while. I hate it that you missed the craft stores :(

  2. So sorry to hear about your shopping being cancelled -hope your felling better. I have a Blogger Stylish Award a waiting for you -enjoy. OXOX ~Olga