Saturday, January 15, 2011

Make Your Own Tote

I know, I know.  The previous post states I am not a sewer.  I'm not really.  My projects are far from perfect and the great thing about posting pictures is you can't see most of the flaws!  This tote was made from a bird seed sack.  My neighbor growing up sells bird seed and this is one of his new bags for canary feed.  I love the bright cheerful colors. 

His wife is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  They always open their home up for people.  The holidays will find many folks enjoying not just a meal together but lots of fellowship.  She makes sure to have a craft on hand for anyone that ones to participate... supplies included.  This tote was this year's project.  Since her DH is the owner she was able to get the feed bags BEFORE they were ever filled with seed so no allergies to worry about.  (I'm sure you could wipe them out if you bought it from the store and still reuse it.)

To be a really useful tote I must have pockets!  I put three small pockets on each side.  And just so you know, I started the project but I'm too slow so naptime was over and my sweet mom finished it for me.  Thanks mom and thanks Connie for the wonderful project!!!

UPDATE:  Here are 3 more tote's that were made using these reusable feed bags...

Mom's bag... appropriate since we raised parakeets!

E's bag... sized just for her.

Tina wanted a larger tote and that is easy since you can cut the sack to any size you want.


  1. That is SO CUTE!! Are all of their bags that good looking?

  2. What a great bag! Love the colors. I think you ARE a seamstress after all!

  3. Thanks. Y'all are so supportive. And Sarah, not all the bags are cute. Depends on the seed you buy. When we raised parakeets our bags were just plain brown but dad had his own special blend mixed.

  4. Such a great bag you did a nice job!!!

  5. Wow!! cute bags and girl you said you didn't know how to know how to sew:) i think you are a natural!! Great job and TFS